Rain water Harvesting is the accumulating and storing of Rainwater for reuse. Rainwater collected from the roofs of houses,factories,institutions can make an important contribution to the availability of water for drinking and other purpose. It can supplement the sub soil water level by refilling aquifers in a process called Ground water recharging.
Rainwater can be harvested using roof & other above ground catchments and stored in tanks for reuse.The roof catchment is connected with a gutter and down pipes system to deliver rainwater to the storage tank. The quality of rainwater is directly related to the clealiness of catchments,gutters, storage tanks and filters. Roof top catchment surfaces collect dust,organic matter,leaves and bird dropping's,which can contaminate the stored water and cause sediment buildup in the tank. Care should be taken in proper installation of Rainwater harvesting system and storage. A proper inlet Filter should be placed in line with the down pipes to prevent leaves and other debris from entering storages.